We exist to give all people the energy to make the most of life.

We’re in the midst of an insufficient sleep epidemic, according to the CDC, that is getting worse since we started tracking in 1985. The current epidemic is leading to higher mortality rates and we’re performing worse in nearly all aspects of life.

People First

We prioritize the wellbeing and growth of our employees and customers, as we believe helping people sleep better provides a critical foundation for living fulfilling lives.


We apply disciplined thought and action in our work, setting clear agendas, evaluating decisions based on evidence, and relentlessly questioning how we can improve.


We embrace continuous learning and self-improvement as individuals and an organization, recognizing stagnation as akin to death and growth as an obligation and opportunity.


While creating something new inevitably involves failures, we remain resilient & accountable in working towards measurable outcomes that improve lives through healthy sleep.

Meet the team

Our team didn’t always sleep perfectly. Our mission is driven by the overwhelming data showing that lack of sufficient sleep is contributing to declines in health, productivity, learning, relationships, and overall wellbeing. We believe quality rest provides a critical foundation for living fulfilling and productive lives. And while we know life is short, we think this is a problem worth solving together.

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