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What are we working on at Rise Science?

The short answer: we exist to give all people the energy to make the most of life.
Our current product, RISE, is mobile app designed to help everyone with a phone master their energy. We're in the business of giving our customers energy. When we stay focused on that need, customers are happy.

It turns out that the biggest determinant of your energy levels is your sleep. However, the tools available today are focused on speciality niches. Some are trying to help you fall asleep (like Calm) and others measure every physiological aspect your sleep (like Fitbit, Whoop, & Oura). While those businesses have executed very well they're relevant for maybe ~15% of the population.

We've always believed there's a significantly larger opportunity for impact by focusing on what the vast majority of us want: more energy. We all want more energy. Just last year, consumers spent a trillion dollars on caffeine alone. A trillion dollars on a drug that gives us a short-high. We believe people want real energy. We believe that people are changing how they view their health and turning to much healthier, scientifically sound solutions.When you're squarely focused on the need for more energy you design a much different solution than what exists. Rather than helping you fall asleep or track your sleep with hardware, our app uses behavioral data from phone to analyze how much sleep debt you have and your circadian rhythm so you can forecast & manage your energy during the day.

It allows for some powerful use-cases:

  • when your morning grogginess will end
  • when to stop drinking caffeine
  • when to exercise
  • when you'll be most productive
  • when to eat lunch
  • when to stop work and start watching Netflix.
  • And the best time to be sleeping.

It’s taken a decade of rigorous work and research to get here. We’ve invested millions of dollars (from the investors behind Peloton, Fitbit, Spotify, Facebook, and Twitter) have millions of nights of data from 1m+ users. From high schoolers to pro athletes, working parents to retirees - to design and build scientifically robust algorithms to help people live the best lives possible.

If you want to see it for yourself, start a free trial.

Compensation & Benefits

To help you save for the future, Rise provides access to the best 401(K) service with no management fees and provides a 2% match.


We offer health, vision, and dental coverage for you and your family as well as Flexible Spending Account (FSA), One Medical primary care access, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and access to TELADOC.

Work Stipend

What do you need to be comfortable, productive, and your best self? Rise provides a stipend so you can perfect your work setting.

Unlimited PTO

People First is our top value for a reason. You've got to put on your own oxygen mask first. That could mean getting a nap in mid-day, calling it early to recharge, taking PTO for health, personal, pleasure, or parental.


US-friendly hours are strongly preferred. We’re a 100% distributed team (most in Eastern and Central time in the US) and we keep our meetings to an absolute minimum. However, we often work semi-synchronously so it’s important to have some solid workday overlap.


We target 50th percentile for cash and 75th percentile for equity for companies of our size and capital raised. I'll share up to date market data with you so we're seeing the same data. We'll dig into specifics as soon as it's a clear fit on both sides.

Don’t see the role for you?